Podcast: Our Biggest Lessons on Personal Finance & Building Wealth

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In this episode, we share the lessons that have been game-changers and helped us on the road to Financial Independence and building better lives.  (if you prefer, download the mp3 file here)

We discuss:

  • The wealth illusion, debt and ‘misleading millionaires’
  • What really causes lottery winners to end up broke
  • Why spending and happiness don’t always line up how we expect
  • Personal stories from our early days learning about money and investing
  • How each of these lessons form the foundation of a wealthy life
  • Pat’s rant on irrational homebuyers!
  • The unmatched power of saving
  • Wrapping our heads around compound interest
  • How people are controlled by money, rather than the other way round
  • Why your spending dictates your level of freedom

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