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Dividend InvestingRegular readers know I’m a fan of Listed Investment Companies (LICs).

I enjoy the reliable and growing dividends they pay.  And they match my own investment philosophy of investing for an increasing income stream.

For full disclosure, I own shares in some of these companies.  Others I just look at from time to time to see how they stack up.

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Nothing here is intended to be personal advice or a recommendation.  This is simply a resource page.  Do your own research and make your own investment decisions.  See my full disclaimer here.

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Australian Foundation Investment Company (AFI)

Full review here.

AFIC dividend history here.


Argo Investments (ARG)

Full review here.

Argo dividend history here.


Milton Corporation (MLT)

Full review here.

Milton dividend history here.


BKI Investment Company (BKI)

Full review here.

BKI dividend history here.


Australian United Investment Company (AUI)

Full review here.

AUI dividend history here.



Whitefield Limited (WHF)

Full review here.

Whitefield dividend history here.


Diversified United Investments (DUI)

Full review here.

DUI dividend history here.



Washington H. Soul Pattinson (SOL)

Full review here.

Soul Pattinson dividend history here.