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In today’s episode, we’re talking about the relationship between time and money.   Understanding the many ways in which these two things are related is key for building a strong financial future and a satisfying life.

Framing our time and money in different ways shows us the trade-offs more clearly and helps us make better financial decisions. 


Discussion points:
  • Figuring out how much things really cost  (01:53)
  • The time value of big ticket items  (05:10)
  • Working longer hours to cover higher spending  (11:26)
  • Putting a greater value on our time  (12:36)
  • Is being able to afford something better than actually buying it?  (15:50)
  • Time and money are interchangeable… literally  (18:13)
  • Listener question:  Thoughts on Vanguard’s new Personal Investor option  (22:48)


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  1. In regards to the vanguard personal account (New portal)they have etf,s, retail funds which start at $5k then the managed fund at $500k.

  2. I agree with this for the most part, but I think there are also people who sacrifice way too much time to try and save money. Spending an entire day to make home made soap to save a couple of bucks, or hours upon hours in the garden to save some tiny amount on the cost of vegetables doesn’t make any sense to me. If you’ve got that much time that you’re willing to sacrifice to save a few dollars then just go drive for Uber or something similar instead.

    1. Haha yeah that’s probably true too. Depends whether they actually enjoy those activities or not. The cost benefit maybe negative, but if they’d just be watching tv or shopping, then it’s arguably still a better use of their time. But if it’s done with the sole motive of saving cash then yes, they’re likely to be deluding themselves into how productive that is lol.

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