Podcast: Tuning Out the Financial Noise to Build True Wealth

In this episode…

Why we need to tune out the financial noise in our lives.  We explain how it creates FOMO and distracts us from our current plans. 

Most importantly, we share practical advice for staying focused on your Financial Independence goals in a noisy world.  Because true wealth includes following your own path and thinking for yourself.


Listen to the show…


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Discussion points…

  • Intro and the wealth effect  (01:16)  
  • The GameStop saga  (05:42)
  • Rampant speculation  (11:22)
  • The grumpy old men of Aussie FIRE  (17:13)
  • Why the noise about companies doesn’t matter  (21:41)
  • Long term investing and your personal goals  (26:30)
  • Focus on what you can control  (28:00)
  • Is the market rigged?  (31:13)
  • How to get the best long term result  (32:49)



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    1. Yeah I was gobsmacked when we copped that! Haha one day? Seems like we’re already in that basket unless we’re playing along in the shenanigans 😉

  1. “The grumpy old men of the Aussie FIRE space”.

    Once again Gen Y is all about me and Gen X is the forgotten generation! 😉

    C’mon Dave, give credit where it’s due to the FI Explorer and myself!

    1. Shhh… Aussie HIFIRE. It’s great being the silent generation. Let the Gen Y/Millennials and Boomers bicker among themselves. Lets keep flying under the radar.

    2. Haha, I don’t even know which gen is which – it’s all a bit arbitrary and meaningless if you ask me. You gotta earn your grumpy old man badge mate, by ranting about the things that young people are doing 😉

  2. Excellent stuff guys.

    Despite the ‘noise’ I actually like watching the news at 6pm each day. I’d say most of it is wasted time and/or advertisements pretending to be news but it is a nice way to zone out while doing chores or preparing dinner for the kids etc.

    Keep up the good work. The podcast is a great listen and I have learned a few good things from listening to you both.

    1. Thanks! Oh yeah the news is a good time to zone out that’s for sure. I’m hoping you don’t do the same thing with our podcast 😉

  3. Hi Dave and Pat.. I am Minu from Shepparton, Victoria.. I am just a silent subscriber who enjoys and looks forward to your blog and podcasts.. I am slowly on my way to FI which might take a few years. I am 34 years old with a young family. Thankyou for being an inspiration.. Would like to meet you and Pat and the like-minded FI enthusiasts some day.. Is there an event coming up at some point to meet you all? Keep up the good work..

    1. Hi Minu, thanks for the support! There are no events that I know of planned, but if this changes we’ll be sure to make an announcement and let everyone know. As you might recall Pat’s in Sydney and I’m in Perth, so we’ve only actually met in person once 🙂

  4. “Shhh… Aussie HIFIRE. It’s great being the silent generation. Let the Gen Y/Millennials and Boomers bicker among themselves.”

    Being a Baby Boomer, the above comment by Christopher jolted me to the core. So much so I have decided to reverse my attitude. As a result, from now on I will cease taking the cash the SMSF generates from its investments and then transferring those funds to my adult children.

    While this will deprive my children of a tax free income, I am sure all will agree it is a necessary action in order to maintain the generational and inter-generational stereotype plus it will enable me to at last “fit in” with my peers.

    A big thank you to Christopher for the insight. My heart is now filled with joy.

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