This page keeps a running list of various products, services and other things that I’m a fan of.

Only stuff that I use personally or genuinely approve of will make this page.  And I’ll update this if anything changes.

Some things listed here contain affiliate links.  For the ones that do, this blog will receive a credit or commission, if you choose to signup or purchase using the link provided.  So thank you in advance, I really appreciate it!


Portfolio Tracking:  Sharesight

I use Sharesight (which is free up to 10 holdings) to record all our share transactions and dividend payments easily in one place.

It tracks the performance of your portfolio, and can also generate income and capital gains reports to help with your tax returns. 

That one feature alone is a huge time saver!  And if you go for a paid subscription – it’s tax deductible!

Special Deal for Strong Money Readers:  Save 4 months when you sign up to an annual plan using this link. 


Online Stockbroker: SelfWealth

I’ve been using SelfWealth as my online stockbroker to purchase shares for quite a while.

The fees are incredibly cheap, a flat $9.50 per trade, no matter how big the trade is!

Using a low-cost broker like this can add up to huge savings over the long term.

Signup with this referral link to receive 5 free trades!


Peer-to-Peer Lending:  Plenti


I’ve been using this peer-to-peer lending platform for years now and achieving solid returns, in the form of high yield monthly income.

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Plenti offers a range of investment options, from 1 month to 7 years, including the option of investing in ‘green’ loans. 

I’ve found their customer service to be very good, and I like the level of transparency around fees and data.  The platform is user friendly and even fun to use!

Get a $100 bonus when you sign up using this link and invest $1,000 in the 3 year market (or longer).


Index Funds: Vanguard

If you’re looking to invest in index funds, the pioneer of low cost investing options is Vanguard.

If you want to invest in Vanguard funds by going direct to them, the fees are a bit expensive.  The cheapest way to do so is by purchasing units in the ETF version, via an online stockbroker (see above).

But there is convenience in going direct to Vanguard – you never need a brokerage account or to look at stock prices, ever.


Internet:  Aussie Broadband

This year we finally decided to get NBN as our slow internet was wearing on my patience! 

After looking for an NBN provider, checking prices and reviews, we decided to go with Aussie Broadband which have excellent reviews and very reasonable prices.

We’re very happy so far – good communication, easy setup, reliable internet and an Aussie call centre!  Check them out yourself.  If you do sign up, use my referral code – 3103355 – for $50 credit!



We use Airbnb to find pet-friendly short-stay accommodation, when we take road trips to visit some of the beautiful areas in Western Australia.

Just as enjoyable as international trips, lots cheaper, and best of all, our dog gets to come with us!

Get $50 off your first trip, when you sign up using this link.


Pet Circle:

Buying pet food can cost a fortune if you get it from the wrong place, like a supermarket, or an overpriced pet store.

We save a ton of money buying our dog biscuits and heartworm online from Pet Circle.  They regularly have the lowest prices I can find and offer free shipping over $29.

Better yet, use this referral code – REFFKN3 – and you’ll get $10 off your first order, if you spend $50 or more.


Food/Nutrition:  Bulk Nutrients

I’ve been a customer of this company for a long time now.  We buy protein powder and more recently a green powder to make healthy smoothies. 

While whole foods are preferable, this works out to be a convenient and low-cost meal, so it fits into our frugal grocery strategy 🙂

Buying small tubs of fancy-looking protein tends to be a huge ripoff.  Instead, get it online in bulk straight from the manufacturer!

Bulk nutrients have competitive prices and a good range of products (including vegan proteins). 
Get $5 off your order when you use this link to make a purchase.  

Another good outlet this space is Sports Supplements Direct.



When looking for books online, prices can fluctuate wildly.  Luckily there’s a great Aussie comparison site called Booko.

Just type in what you want and Booko will neatly show you the prices from all the major places to buy books online.  Very handy.  Check it out here.


Calculators:  Networthify

Simple yet powerful.  Probably the best Financial Independence calculator I’ve ever found!  Check it out here.

Plug in your income and spending, and this calculator will tell you how long until you can retire.  Have a play around with the numbers and see what a difference boosting your savings rate can make!


MoneySmart Calculators

An incredible list of useful calculators and tools. 

From compound interest, to budgeting, to mortgage and super calculators – all found free on ASIC’s MoneySmart website here.