This page will keep a running list of products, services, books and other various things that I’m a fan of.

Only products I use personally or genuinely approve of will make this page. I will update the page if my opinion changes.

Some of the companies here offer commissions for referrals, and others don’t. For the ones that do, this blog will receive a credit if you choose to signup using the link provided.

Please let me know if you have found better options, or if there’s any other awesome services/products/resources that you know of which can help others in the financial independence community.


Peer-to-Peer Lending: RateSetter

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I’ve been using the RateSetter lending platform for a while now and achieving good returns. They offer a good range of investment options from 1 month to 5 years. I’ve been happy with the customer service and the transparency of fees and data. The platform is quite user friendly and even fun to use 🙂

Signup using this link to receive a $100 bonus when you invest $1000 in the 1 year market (or longer).


Index Funds: Vanguard

If you’re looking to invest in index funds, the pioneer of low cost investing options is Vanguard. I have used them in the past and I suggest anyone going down the indexing route choose Vanguard. These days I mostly invest in Australian Listed Investment Companies (LICs) – see why here. For overseas investing though, I would not hesitate to use Vanguard.

If you want to invest in Vanguard funds by going direct to them, the fees are a little expensive. The cheapest way to do so is by purchasing units in the ETF via an online stockbroker. The fees are much lower. The Australian Shares Index Fund has a fee of 0.75% for the managed fund version, but a fee of only 0.14% for the ETF version. It makes a huge difference when it’s essentially the same investment.


Online Stockbroker: CMC Markets Stockbroking

I refuse to call it a ‘share trading account’, because it creates the assumption that we’re trading shares and speculating, which we are not! We are buying little pieces of businesses to own for the long term, which will shower us with growing dividends for us to live on.

Anyway, I use CMC Stockbroking as my online stockbroker to purchase shares/LICs. They’re super low cost – $11 per trade, easy to use and have even won a few awards too. See related shares articles below.


Blogging/Web Hosting: Bluehost

After researching for ages about which web host to signup with, I chose Bluehost since it had the best reviews and more flexibility in terms of how your blog looks/operates compared to the free ones. I can now confirm it is very easy to get started and Bluehost has an option to install WordPress in one click…getting you creating and tapping away on your own little blog in no time!

Starting a blog was a great idea. It’s good to share your ideas and what you’ve learned with the world, with the goal to help others. If nothing else, it’s healthy to have a good rant every now and then!


Transport: Uber

For folks living in the main capital cities of Australia, Uber is a no brainer.  It’s cheaper, easier, more reliable, more transparent and more fun than catching a taxi. Push a button on your phone and BAM… a car arrives.  How cool is that?

I’m excited for the future when Uber will have electric autonomous cars rolling around the cities, costing a fraction of what they do now.  It probably won’t make sense to even own a car in the future!

Get a free $15 credit towards your first ride, when you signup using this link.



Motivated Money, by Peter Thornhill

An incredible book, explaining in simple terms, how to invest in the sharemarket.
Peter shows how focusing on the income stream, instead of zig-zagging share prices, offers a more reliable long term investment strategy and a growing income for life.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, especially for those starting out.

The dividend investing approach is simple and effective.  This book changed how I think about shares for good.

Pick it up from your local library, or grab a copy on his website.



Take A Financial Leap, by Pete Wargent

A great book describing the three principles Pete considers vital to building financial success and a more abundant life.

He details how to invest in property and shares (LICs) to create the life you want to live.
And some excellent thoughts on finding your passion, starting a small business and how to thrive doing something you love.

I found this book really helpful in getting me to think about what I wanted to pursue after reaching financial independence.

If it’s not at your local library, you can pick it up here at the publisher’s website.